Even books that you may think beyond repair can be brought back to life. We have restored many books as diverse as a 60 year old exercise book of poetry written by a gentleman whilst at university to wonderful church bibles. 

We can also repair torn pages and restore missing corners. 

Our aim is to take nothing away from what is left of the original book.


Bibles have a certain significance, be it with families or churches.

In families they are passed down through generations and sometimes contain records of births and deaths. A common repair is the need to 'Re- Back', this is the result of the leather at the board hinges becoming weak and dry through age and use.


The pictures below show the process of repairing the spine.


We aim to take nothing away from the original. Photographs are taken before,during and after restoration. The customer is taken through what will happen to their book.


Every care is taken to make the repair not seem intrusive to the original. Although we have had customers who like to see the difference between old and new.

This book had lost its headbands. A new pair were simpatheticaly made and re-attached. The glue was removed from the spine and any repairs to sewing were performed. New leather put into place and and the old spine reattached. The new leather was then dyed.

Although the original text may not be able to be replaced, missing sections of a page can be reinstated. With the aid of a light box, repair tissue and aged paper pages can become one again. The repaired page can then be bound back into the book.

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