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Traditional Hand Bookbinding for Individuals,Graphic Designers, Printers, Schools, Hospitals and Companies. From producing artwork to print through to the final binding. Helping you to turn your ideas into reality.......

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Based in the heart of Suffolk Owl Bookbinding has its roots in tradition. With a real love for books and the history of book production, from the simplest to the most ornate from cloth to leather and case to full bound.,,,,

We are happy to make one-off articles on request or to carry out repairs. We are also more than happy to offer advice, explaining each phase of every process we go through. Please find out more about the services that we offer on the following pages.

Even relatively new books, especially when a much sentimental and enjoyed childrens book, can need some attention. 

Published in the 1990's and although having a very damaged spine, loose boards and pages the customer wanted it repaired keeping as much of the original book as possible so that her children could enjoy the book she read as a child. 


The book was repaired with a new cloth spine which was blocked with the title of the book.The original inscribed page was replaced and the book has been finished off with head/tail bands and a page marker ribbon.  

 An 1867 copy of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. The book as it came in was in a sorry state having been resewn and rebacked what looked like more than once. The brief was to re-bind and brighten up the book.

The old covers were taken off, pages repaired as necessary, sections resewn and the edges re-gilded. The book was rebound in burgundy morocco leather. Designs of Alice and the Mad Hatters Top hat ticket were blocked in gold and then filled-in with hand cut on-lays. Gold and coloured tooling were added by hand. 

In these days of saving photographs in 'the cloud' it was a wonderful to be able to make these traditional photograph albums. Made to the customers specification, they allow him to present his work images to prespective clients.

Bound with 3mm thick black mount board pages, round and backed to add additional strength and half bound with leather and cloth.

hand tooled with single gold lines with blocked titles.

Six volumes of Morris's British Birds circa 1880. All six books had very damaged or missing spines. The books were cloth bound. All the spines were removed along with the boards, these being in very good condition would be put back on the books. The best of the spines was repaired using parts of the others, this was then scanned and the image tied up. From this a  block was made and now using leather for the spines, gold foil blocked.


The book blocks were repaired where necessary and new hand made marble endpapers sewn on, the boards were then re-attached. The spines of the book blocks were relined and the new leather paired down. The cloth on the boards was then trimmed level, lifted and the new leather carefully placed underneath, the cloth was then pasted back into postion. the join being hardly discernible. 

These four volumes started as 2 books. The brand new original books were taken apart and plain pages inset between the printed ones, essentially every other page was a blank. The idea being that the author could add corrections and any further information he found out about the subject. 

The four volumes were re-sewn by hand, new endpapers, round and backed, marker ribbons and headbands added. Cases were made, foil blocked with titles and volume numbers.

The box was designed and made to allow each volume to me removed without disturbing the others. 

'The History of the New and Old         Testament' from 1701.


The original stitching was in reasonable condition and only needed minor attention. The original cords were present but had broken at the boards, new slips were sewn on. The first and last sections of the book were in a very bad condition and the first two pages of the first section contained written dates and names of births and deaths, these were repaired and resewn into the book. 'New' endpapers were aged and along with head and tail bands reattached. The book was re-bound in 'Rough Goat' a texture something akin to suede. Hand tooling and a title label finish off the book. To keep it safe for hopefully the next 300 years a bespoke velvet lined box was made.


An 1850's book on Falconry. This arrived in a very poor state, spine missing,  stitching rotten and the original boards losing their worn cloth. 

The book was stripped down, pages repaired where needed and then re-sewn onto new tapes. A new boards were added and a new spine was formed with raised bands. Burgundy leather was attached and handmade marble paper to the sides, gold tooling and a leather label finished the book off. A bespoke presentation box was made to complement and protect the book.

Bespoke presentation box to house a customers four caligraphy course work books. Made in four tiers with a ribbon to add removal and parchment scroll held in the box lid. Lined with velvet material and covered in Buckram bookcloth and simple single line gold tooling. Recessed oval to lid to accept the customers own caligraghy signature on vellum.

Three bound presentation volumes produced from A4 printed sheets. Stab stitched, round and backed, head and tail bands and marker ribbon. The books were case bound with 3000 micron board and covered in a maroon faux leather. All three volumes were blocked to the spine and side.

A slip case was made to take the books, covered in the same faux leather, lined with velvet material. Ribbons were added to ease extraction of the books.


These books show that A4 printed sheets can be bound and made into impressive volumes. 

Two notebooks made to a customers specifications.  Artwork was produced from the clients original idea and printed sheets were produced. These were then folded, hand stitched, trimmed and the pages edge gilded. The books were then half-bound in leather and cloth, and was then gold tooled and title labels inset. In one book there was a requirement for a double index, this was cut and lettered by hand. A presentation box was produced to mimic the the books it contained, this was also gold tooled and lined.

1000 page family history books. Section sewn, round and backed, headbands, marker ribbon. Case foil blocked to front and spine. 

 A 154 year old Bible, this was re-backed, 

( the spine was replaced ) internal pages were re-sewn and torn pages repaired.


Dear Matt,


I have now had a chance to study at close quarters the work you have done in restoring the old family bible and must congratulate you on some very fine work.

The way you have made a new spine and joined the back and front covers to it as though it was original, is a real work of art. The renovation of the damaged corners is also remarkable.

Thank you so much for an excellent job....................... yours sincerely, Roy Monery

Made to look like a much used travel book. A wonderful and unusual way of presenting university course work.


Bound as a long stitch note book, using a piece of old leather, aged thread and black embossed blocking, all held together with a simple leather strap. 

Bespoke Christening book of quotes, produced Half-bound, leather spine includes raised bands. Finished off with gold tooling and blocked initials. 


Produced to the customers specifications and presented in a made to measure gold tooled box. 

Presentation book with box, digitally printed images mounted on thick boards.   

The concertina contruction allows for the images to be seen opening like a book, presented in the shape of a star, in one long layout either standing upright or flat. 

The construction allows long landscape pictures to be displayed in an effective manner. Used in conjunction with digital print, both conventional and large format,          allows for almost limitless possibilities.





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