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Owl Bookbinding Ltd01449 710401 / 07795 420063email: matt@owlbookbinding.co.ukWeb: www.owlbookbinding.co.uk 

About us

Owl Bookbinding was set up as the culmination of over 32 years in the print industry. Having had a life long passion for books and bookbinding.


To be able to repair someones beloved and much used cookery book, not something of value but something of sentimental value to them, can produce us as much pleasure as creating something brand new for a corporate customer. 


We are particularly proud of our long tradition of producing Spring Backs/Ledger binding, this lets the book once opened to lay almost flat. This allows the two facing pages to be used as one page. 


One off presentation books are something we enjoy doing, these can be for corporate events, retirement, birthdays, the list is endless. Provided in a hand made box, these can be a nice keepsake. 


Having worked in the Print industry for over 30 years we understand the demands of the trade, we can also help the individual who may not know the first thing about how to have a book produced. We work in conjunction with local printers to give a one to one service.


Owl Bookbinding Ltd can help produce more than the traditional book...........






Available at Owl Bookbinding....

Traditional Hand Bookbinding.

Bespoke Books 

Bespoke Boxes

Book Edge Gilding.

Bible Repair.

Paper/Page Repair.




Presentation Books.




Albums (Digital/ Film)

Foil Blocking.




Turn your idea into reality....... 






British Military Discount



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