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Page & Paper Repair.

In old books where sections have been loose for some years, pages can become torn or damaged. These can mostly be repaired either in situ or as part of a restoration.


'For a material that can be so easily damaged, it is amazing how resilient it is'.

This page had its top section completely missing. The top of the page was lightly traced onto some aged paper and then torn along the traced lines so as to give the paper a feathered edge to help blend with the old page.

The new section is then carefully attached using the minimum of overlap witha starch based paste. The page is then gently pressed under weights until dry.

Where sections are missing, although mostly difficult to reproduce printed areas, parts can be replaced to give the page a more complete look.

replacing the missing sections also helps with strengthening the damaged page.


The page is then reattached and trimmed down to match the rest of the book.

Most pages can be repaired, there are not many that cannot be saved. 

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